Business Account Services

Business Online Banking

Basic Business Option

  • Check account balances
  • View statement history
  • View check images
  • Transfer funds between Bank of Brenham accounts

Premium Business Option

  • Check account balances
  • View statement history
  • View check images
  • Transfer funds between Bank of Brenham accounts
  • Customers will be able to customize their web access to meet their banking needs
  • Customized access levels for employees
  • ACH Origination
  • Initiate wire transfers
  • Cash management

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Online Bill Pay

With free Online Bill Pay, you can save time and conveniently pay bills without any hassles. To use this feature, you need to be an online banking customer and enroll in our bill pay program. Once enrollment is complete, set up your payee(s) and start paying bills. It's that simple! 

  • Pay all of your bills from one website
  • Schedule single, recurring, or future-dated payments
  • Make changes to scheduled payments before they are sent
  • Receive e-mail notifications that remind you of bill activity
  • Track your payment status and history

Mobile Banking

Experience banking on the go. Download the Bank of Brenham Mobile Banking app from your mobile device's app store. Whether you need to check your balance, deposit a check, find and ATM, pay a bill or transfer funds, Bank of Brenham has you covered. Not only is Bank of Brenham's mobile banking safe and convenient, it's also free!

How to Enroll in Mobile Banking

To enroll in Mobile Banking you must first be enrolled in Online Banking. Click on the "Sign Up Now!" link on our online banking box or call a new accounts representative at 979-836-3332 to set up your online banking login. To download the Bank of Brenham mobile app please visit the iTunes or Google Play store and search "Bank of Brenham." 

Mobile Passcode

If you use the Bank of Brenham mobile app, there is a sign-in option that will make the process much easier. Mobile passcode allows you to select a four-digit passcode to sign in to Online Banking, as opposed to the User ID and Password. The passcode must be four numeric characters, 0-9, with no ascending/descending sequential digits or four repeating digits. 

  • The passcode authentication will allow you to view accounts, balances, and your account activity. If you would like to access additional secured features, such as transfers, bill pay, or check deposits, you will be prompted to sign in with full credentials at that time.
  • Sign up today though your Bank of Brenham Mobile app!

Mobile Bill Pay

With Mobile Bill Pay, you can conveniently pay bills to any payee from anywhere using the mobile app. To use this feature, you need to be an Online Banking customer enrolled in both Mobile Banking and Bill Pay.

Mobile Deposit Capture

Now you can use your smartphone to deposit checks from anywhere - on your time. With our mobile app,depositing checks is easier than ever. Tap...Snap...Deposit...It's that simple!


Enrolling in E-Statements will allow you to receive your monthly and/or quarterly statement(s) electronically via our Online Banking services instead of by mail. E-Statements are free, fast, secure, dependable, and convenient. 

Business Products

If you are looking for the modern conveniences of banking with the service of a community bank - look no further. Bank of Brenham offers Cash Management, Merchant Services, Remote Deposit Capture, and Positive Pay. 

Cash Management

Cash Management can help you monitor your business accounts. You can view your transactions online, transfer funds between your accounts, pay bills, create Direct Deposit for your employees and use ACH Orgination. 

Merchant Services

Whether you are a new business or currently accepting credit cards, Bank of Brenham's Merchant Services make it easy for your business to process credit cards with Online Merchant Service - anytime, anywhere. 

  • Offers customers more choices in making payments
  • Improves cash flow
  • Increases sales through the higher average tickets associated with credit cards
  • Allows you to simplify daily and monthly deposit reconciliation processes
  • Consolidates and automates electronic deposits to your accounts

Remote Deposit Capture

Deposit your checks without making a trip to the bank. You will save time and money with this excellent service! Remote Deposit Capture allows you to deposit checks into your account straight from your office. Simply scan the image of the checks and then securely transmit the check images for deposit. The transaction and validation is fully automated. All your need is a computer, an internet connection, and a scanner. Our Remote Deposit Capture solution allows you to: 

  • Centralize payments processing from remote offices
  • Accelerate funds availability
  • Streamline operations and looking
  • Save time and money with fewer trips to the bank
  • Reduce paperwork

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is an anti-fraud service whereby the company electronically shares its check registers of all written checks with the bank, protecting companies against altered checks and counterfeit check fraud. Bank of Brenham will only pay checks listed in that register, with exactly the same specifications as listed in the register (amount, serial number, etc.). This system dramatically reduces check fraud. Visit with one of our New Accounts Representatives to sign up today.

24 Hour Telephone Voice Access

Our free 24 Hour Voice Access automatic service gives your immediate access to information you need most often. Account access anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day! With our free 24 Hour Voice Access service you can quickly and easily: 

  • Make account balance inquiries
  • Know if and when checks have cleared
  • Verify direct deposit transactions
  • Inquire about loan balances and payments
  • Verify interest paid and earned
  • Transfer funds between designated checking accounts

To use our 24 Hour Voice Access service call 979-836-3337 from any touch-tone telephone. Wait for a greeting, then follow the simple instructions given to you over the phone. 

NOTE: The first time you use the customer service line your PIN number will consist of the last four digits of the primary account owner's social security number or tax identification number. You will be required to change this number after the first time you use this system.

Please listen to all prompts when dialing our 24 Hour Telephone Access service. If you still have problems signing on after listening to all the prompts, please feel free to contact us at 979-836-3332.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Customers who use these services are advised that they agree to safeguard their PIN (Personal Identification Number) and to keep it confidential. The customer bears the risk of any loss occasioned by improper or unauthorized use of such PIN by any person or persons. Bank customers are protected to some extent against certain types of loss caused by fraud, such as forgery or unauthorized signatures on checks, but these protections do not apply to losses incurred in the operation of the 24 Hour Voice Access service, "Touch Tone" or "Telephonic Banking" service system. If the customer fails to protect his or her PIN or provides his or her PIN to another person, it may be possible to make transfers and/or obtain account information and therefore the customer will be solely liable. Any unauthorized or suspicious transactions must be reported to the Bank immediately for investigation. 

Safe Deposit Boxes

Whether you are securing important documents or your most precious valuables, we offer a variety of Safe Deposit Boxes. Please contact us at 979-836-3332 for size's available and rental. Safe Deposit Boxes are not FDIC insured. The box holder is responsible for insurance on Safe Deposit Box content. 

Other Services

  • ATM on premises (Free ATM fees at all Industry Bancshare's ATM's and Sum Network ATM's
  • Automatic Funds Transfers
  • Bank by Mail
  • Cashier's Checks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Merchant Services
  • Night Depository
  • Overdraft Protection
  • Wire Transfers