Business Loans

Commercial Credit Application

Equipment Loans

These loans are for plant equipment, inventory, computer hardware and software. Loan terms for equipment depend upon the economic life of the equipment. Generally they do not exceed 5 years.

Working Capital Loans

Working capital loans are available to finance short term credit needs due to receivable and inventory build up etc. These loans are offered on a revolving and non-revolving basis with terms usually less than one year.

Agricultural Loans

Loans and lines of credit for livestock purchases, farm tractors, trailers, and other farm equipment.

Business Lines of Credit

Lines of credit offer a convenient source of funds to help manage day to day cash flow changes.

Business Letters of Credit

Letters of credit are available on a commercial and standby basis for domestic transactions.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Uniform Residential Loan Application

Commercial real estate loans are available for the business that needs to construct a facility or purchase an existing facility.


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