About Us

Welcome to the Bank of Brenham, headquartered in downtown Brenham, Washington County, Texas.

Brenham & Washington County’s (located between Houston and Austin, Texas on Hwy 290) have been known for some time as the “birthplace of Texas”; and the heritage of its people, including our bank founders and owners, speak volumes as to who we are and what type of bank we want to be.

This nationally chartered community bank was founded in 2001 by a group of local businessmen. We hope that you’ll take the time to read about our history while you peruse these website pages. It was the vision of our founders in 2001 to charter a bank that offered traditional banking products to their family & friends, as well as to area residents. They also hoped that this business could represent the best of what community banking was in the past – a place where people could get good banking products at fair prices; and more importantly, people would know that they had been dealt with honestly & fairly, every second of every day.

The reason we want you to know our philosophy is that as you move forward thru this website, we think it will be easier to work thru and understand if you know more about the owners and staff of the Bank of Brenham, and what their business philosophy is.

So, if you enjoy banking with people who care about you and your family & business, you will enjoy who we are & what we do…from the flavored coffee we serve and the oldies music we play in our lobby, to the dog biscuits we serve to our customer’s pets in the drive-in, to the historical artwork we display in our headquarters.

Again, thank you for being here. We hope that this website meets your needs and expectations, and that you’ll let us know how we can further help you and yours.