Brenham and Washington County, Texas have a rich tradition in the history of Texas, as well as it’s entrepreneurial and “can do” spirit. We believe that the formation of the Bank of Brenham was a direct product of that same spirit that helped found this great state, as well as our great nation.

Brenham in particular has a rich community banking history. Like most of our state’s banks and savings & loans, Brenham’s financial institutions however were decimated in the 1980’s & 1990’s and taken over by the large out of state banking organizations. In 1998, there were only two community banks remaining, and one sold to an out-of-state buyer that year.

In 2000, several friends who trusted each other & enjoyed working together, came together & decided to start a bank to take care of the financial needs of the community they called home. They had several common goals about their “new bank” which included they didn’t want a majority owner, they didn’t want any debt associated with the venture, they wanted to help train the next generation of community bankers (& directors), and they wanted to have a business who would have a reputation for being honest & forthright in all their dealings (i.e., a bank who could help their community become a better place – in every sense of the word).

Thus, the bank charter application was written and filed with the Treasury Department; and the Bank of Brenham was born.

These friends went out & contacted area residents who they thought might share their vision as investors, they hired a former Brenham banker to be CEO, raised the initial capital required, and opened their doors in a simple office building at 401 S. Austin Street in downtown Brenham. They stayed in that location until moving into their permanent headquarters next door at 501 S. Austin, in 2006.

Their goals haven’t changed even though the banking industry continues to. Technology is becoming an increasingly important part of everyone’s life; thus, this website was born. We hope that you find it helpful in meeting your needs. More importantly, we hope that you find your experiences, online or otherwise, in dealing with the Bank of Brenham in keeping with our founders’ visions and hopes.

Thank you for being here.